Cruise around Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island


Bateau Rocher

From mid May to mid October

The excursion around Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island is THE MUST-DO ACTIVITY when passing through the beautiful picturesque village of Percé. With several departures per day, this commented cruise will fill all your senses.

From the brand new Percé wharf, our boats take you around the legendary Percé Rock, Quebec’s tourist emblem. This 5 million tonne juggernaut, sits near the coast, witness to millennia, it tells us the story through its layers of limestone filled with fossils. !!! It is forbidden to walk to Rocher Percé. The birds that nest there are frightened by the human presence, which endangers the lives of the young. In addition, the cliffs of the Rock crumble under the attack of the elements and lose around 1 ton of rock per day! Our cruise is the way to discover Rocher Percé in complete safety. !!!



Then, we will show you the colorful cliffs of Bonaventure Island. Located near the coast of Percé, this mysterious island will amaze you with its fauna, flora and history. Over 250,000 seabirds come to nest there during the summer season, including the largest northern gannet colony in North America and the most accessible in the world. Nowhere else can you see these majestic birds so closely.


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Around this unique island, paddles a colony of gray seals. With their curious eyes and long nose, they seduce all our passengers.

In addition to birds and seals, this cruise has surprises in store for you. Whales, moon fish, leatherback turtles and basking sharks may come your way. With nature, captains can testify that each cruise is unique.



All our boats stop for a few moments at the Bonaventure Island National Park wharf. It will then be possible, for those who wish to take the adventure further, to stop over on the island to go for a walk on the trails. Several returns during the day will take you back to Percé once your visit is over.

Information for the National Park:

Duration of the cruise :
Go : About 1 hour from Percé wharf to Bonaventure Island wharf
Return : About 15 minutes from Bonaventure Island wharf to Percé wharf

With the exception of service dogs, no pets are accepted on board our boats.
!!! There are no reservations for this cruise if you are less than 20 adults !!!

There is no date or time on the ticket. All you need to do is buy a ticket at one of the ticket offices in the village of Percé, then go to the Percé wharf with your tickets in hand, at least 10 to 15 minutes before the chosen departure.

Reservations recommended for groups of 20 adults or more. Contact us at :

Addresses of our ticket offices:
5, rue du Quai Percé
146, route 132 Ouest Percé
199, route 132 Ouest Percé

Opening of ticket offices :
In season, every day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island cruise refund
!!! Please note that we do not refund tickets if you have taken the cruise despite the fact that the boat was unable to dock at Bonaventure Island. We are not responsible for changes in sea conditions that prevent us from docking at the island. It is impossible for us to know if we can dock at the island wharf until we get there, especially for the first departure of the day. The ticket can be refunded only if it has not been used.